Monday, March 28, 2011

The Shaft 26: Weekend of Minecraft

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  1. Great show! A few things I thought I'd mention:
    - CCTV mod with camera and screen blocks: "[V1.3_01] CCTV Block [v0.1, MLv5]" by UltraMoogleMan

    - I have mixed maps before with excellent results using MCEdit. Use CTRL+A and note the chunk size (eg. 35x36) then save the map as a schematic. Load up world 2 and select an area in space (with no chunks yet) and choose the Chunk Control tool (far right) to get the Create command to come up. Use the Nudge button to select the area you want to create (in our eg. 35x36) and click Create. The schematic can now be loaded and positioned on the new chunks. Expect the save process to take a good while... :)